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Matt Jellison, Principal
Matt Jellison, Principal

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South Central Middle School        302 S Jefferson, PO Box 38            Protection, KS 67127            Phone: 620-622-4545                      Fax: 620-622-4844

Email The Principal

  Matt Jellison Principal, SCEMS

Email the secretary

  Kimber Bidwell ES/MS Secretary

Emergency Safety Intervention Policy GAAF

South Central Middle School

MS Leadership Team

The Middle School Leadership Team created sidewalk affirmations on the playground and at the bus entrance. They also spent last Tuesday with the Kiowa County MS Leadership team and Mr. Joe Coles learning motivational leadership skills. Great job students on wanting to become awesome leaders!

MS Museum Scavenger Hunt
ms museum

MS took a visit to the museum to complete a Scavenger to find facts about the State of Kansas for Kansas Day. 

Olmec Sculptures

6th graders were studying early civilizations in social studies.  They researched different Olmec sculptures and tried to recreate with play dough! 

Middle School Leadership Team Creates Wall of Fame
wall of fame

The SCMS leadership team went around the school and asked all the teachers a series of questions and they put their favorite memories about them. After getting information from their teachers, they filled out the questions on each one of the posters that they had made for each teacher. They then hung all the posters up in the hallways of the middle school for all to see.

SCMS Staff

  Andi Dale SCMS Science
  Maxine Ellis Cafeteria ES/MS
  Jennifer Erickson Reading Interventionist
  Karen Girk SCMS English Language Arts
  Nicci Jellison SCMS Math
  Patsy Jellison Business/Computers, Yearbook Sponsor, SCMS Activities/Athletics Director
  Jennifer Kay K-12 Counselor
  Carolyn King Online/Testing/Scholarships, K-12 Library
  Becca Nuzum SCMS Special Education
  Christine Phillis Custodian, SCEMS
  Lyle Smith Head Custodian, SCEMS
  Melanie Thompson K-8 Vocal Music
  Taffi Turley Speech Pathologist
  Jaymi Westrup K-5, 9-12 Physical Education