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Bud Valerius, Principal
Bud Valerius

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South Central High School            600 E Garfield, PO Box 578            Coldwater, KS 67029                  Phone: 620-582-2158                    Fax: 620-582-2535

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  Bud Valerius Principal, SCHS

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South Central High School

2021 High School Staff
Hubbard Receives Grant
hubbard grant

Mrs. Hubbard received a Grant to install a "Little Free Library" in our community. A Little Free Library is a small book sharing "house"  to be placed in the community where anyone can take a book to read or share a book for someone else to read. If you take a book it is encouraged to share a book so everyone has something to read. 

Senior Leadership Activity with KG

Seniors took on a leadership activity in their class. Every 9 weeks they are going to pick a grade to come read with, do a craft, and have some recess time together. The first class they came to visit was Mrs. Jacksons Kindergarten Class. They read to the students, made a scarecrow, and enjoyed some recess time. 

A Message from the Principal

Welcome Back!
This is always an exciting time for me. We all enjoy our summers but I think I can speak for our staff that we love seeing our students come back. It's always enjoyable to see how much they have grown and listening to all their summer time stories. We have been working hard this summer to continue to update the building and classrooms. We have also continued to add new curriculum and advance opportunities for our students and teachers. We welcome a few new teachers to our Timberwolf family this year. Katelyn Johnson will be our High School English teacher. Scott Howell will be our High School History teacher and Girls Basketball Coach. Stephanie Salisbury will be our new Tennis Coach. All three new hires are going to be great additions to our staff. Kelly Hubbard has moved from English to take our Family and Consumer Science position. We also welcome Melanie Thompson back as our High School Vocal teacher. I once again want to thank you all for being such great supporters of our school. I really believe we have a school and community that is second to none. I am so excited about what the future holds for South Central Schools. As always if you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Let's have a great school year!

Contact the High School Staff

  Linda Basnett Clerk of the Board of Education
  Jim Blundell Head Custodian, SCHS
  Tim Erickson Special Education Teacher, SCHS Activities/Athletics Director
  Scott Howell 9-12 History/ Basketball Coach
  Kelly Hubbard English Language Arts SCHS, NHS Sponsor
  Jordan Jackson Agriculture Education, Forensics, FFA Sponsor, STUCO Sponsor
  Patsy Jellison Business/Computers, Yearbook Sponsor, SCMS Activities/Athletics Director
  Chris Johnson Para, Bus #6 Driver
  Katelyn Johnson 9-12 English
  Jennifer Kay K-12 Counselor
  Carolyn King Online/Testing/Scholarships, K-12 Library
  April Lester Food Service Director, Food Service Head SCHS
  Nicky Lindsay Science, STUCO Sponsor
  Connie McCleary Food Service/Custodian SCHS
  Thomas McDow District Staff
  Amber Page Middle School Para
  Tammy Sanders SCHS Secretary
  Melanie Thompson K-8 Vocal Music
  Judson Tillotson 9-12 Math Teacher/ Esports Coach/ Scholars Bowl Coach
  Taffi Turley Speech Pathologist
  Bud Valerius Principal, SCHS
  Laura Valerius Senior Leadership Class, Web Class
  Jaymi Westrup K-5, 9-12 Physical Education