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Matt Jellison, Principal
Matt Jellison

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South Central Elementary       302 S Jefferson, PO Box 38            Protection, KS 67127            Phone: 620-622-4545                      Fax: 620-622-4844

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South Central Elementary School

4th Grade Paper Roller Coasters
paper coasters

The 4 grade students get to explore how energy can be stored as height. Students built paper roller coasters. After they built their coaster they released marbles down the roller coaster track to understand height energy and energy transfer.

American Heart Fundraiser
jaymi pied

The elementary students received the chance to pie Mrs. Westrup in the face. All they had to do was raise $25 for the American Heart Association. 68 students completed this goal and Mrs. Westrup received 25 pies to the face!

Spreading that Christmas Cheer
ugly sweater

The elementary and middle school wore ugly sweaters to finish out the school year. Mr. Theurer and Mr. Jellison joined in the Christmas fun! 

Elementary and Middle SchoolWear Red for luke

red for luke

South Central Elementary School and Middle School wore red or T-Wolf colors on Oct.15 during spirit week in tribute to former student Luke Gean. Luke was a student at South Central. Luke would have been 8 years old today, so the students dedicated this day in his honor. Luke is forever in our hearts will always be a T-Wolf.

SCES Staff

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