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Financial Aid/ACT/Testing Information



A few key points to keep in mind: 

  1. Complete the FAFSA application soon after October 1. Early Admission is critical for specific college monies (try to narrow your college choices down before submitting the admission application, then you can compare what the different colleges can offer in scholarships/grants/etc. money. BUT this money runs out fast, so get it done this month!)                                                                      
  2. There is a mobile App available now (myStudentAid in the app store)

  3. Parents AND students have sections to complete, so be sure your student completes their own so they will know their key questions, passwords, etc. See the school scholarship coordinator for a card to keep this information on. 


  1. Be sure and use a non-school email.                   
  2. The FAFSA and Social Security number MUST match.                                                                              
  3. The school scholarship coordinator has cards to keep your login information on AND put it in a safe place. Be sure and use the sidebar information tool if you have questions on how to answer.


  1. Have your latest tax return available.                   
  2. Use the 1040 form and make sure the address matches the tax form to the FAFSA. The FAFSA and Social Security number must match. Do not use a tax ID number in the FAFSA.                 
  3. The scholarship coordinator has cards to put your login information on and to keep in a safe place.                                                                    
  4. The IRS Data Retrieval is secure and helps in competing the FAFSA. Use the sidebar information tool if you have questions on how to answer. Be sure and check the Assets/Investments sheet- things like family farms you live on and operate do not need to be reported as assets.       

ACT Test Dates


ACT Registration Link

Important testing dates

PSAT at SCHS on 10-12-2022

State WorkKeys at SCHS on 10-11-2022

Pre-ACT at SCHS on 11-9-22

State ACT at SCHS on 2-28-23

ASVAB at SCHS on 1-11-23

**Registrations for PSAT, WorkKeys, and ASVAB will be done with Mrs. King.**

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